Canva’s AI driven feature

Creative Canva’s AI driven feature

Canva, a popular graphic design and visual content creation platform, has become a comfort blanket for content creators for its user-friendly interface and affordability, While many in the design community appreciate Canva for its accessibility and cost-effectiveness, some express concerns about its potential to produce work that closely resembles existing brands assets, potentially diluting the uniqueness of their designs. Maybe in an attempt to diversify the work Canva’s AI is now branching into video creation.

Canva has began to introduce their latest third party feature. An AI feature that generates videos from user-provided information. There were definitely some mixed opinions when we trialed the new feature. While the concept is undoubtedly promising, it’s not quite fully developed yet. They are currently rolling it out as experimental software. 

Canva’s AI trial

We created some videos and attached the descriptions below. See if you can guess the caption before hand. A quick word of warning some of these videos may make you feel uncomfortable.


For our first video we decided to keep it simple: Create a video that advertises a coffee shop, using neutral colours and natural light.


In our second video we decided to push the AI to create a person: Create a video of a designer working on a computer, creating a website.



 This is not what we intended at all, we apologise to all dog lovers: Create a video of a dog in a park playing fetch, make it in a 2D cartoon style.



The last video we tried to do something for SO: Create a video of a marketing agency called SO Marketing

The camera morphing into a person… no one asked for that.

AI vs. Human Design

There are concerns about the AI-generated videos lacking the level of creativity, originality, and customisation that professional designers can offer. These videos are definitely creative and original but with the current software users won’t be able to get the customisation they would expect when paying a designer for the work. 

The human touch in video production goes beyond technical proficiency. Creators have the ability to infuse emotion, storytelling, and unique aesthetics into each frame. Professional designers consider the broader context, and understand the subtle intricacies that make a video truly exceptional. This concept extends beyond just videos; it applies to all creative work, from graphic design and music composition to writing and art. The human creative process is driven by intuition, emotion, and a deep understanding of the human experience. These elements that are difficult for AI to replicate in a manner that resonates with audiences. While AI can assist and streamline creative tasks, it cannot replace the depth and artistry that professionals bring to their work.

Although the videos we have included in this blog are definitely questionable. It is worth noting that Canva’s AI tool is continually evolving. We are hopeful that future iterations will provide more advanced and customisable options to meet their creative needs. 

SO… Don’t worry creatives, AI won’t be stealing your job just yet.

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