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June 22nd 2017

Nightmarket - Website Creation From SO Marketing

Nightmarket - Website Creation From SO Marketing

Another site ready for launch! We’ve produced yet another fantastic site that has begun its online journey, this time for our friends at Nightmarket, so let’s talk about what has made this project so great.

The Client

The team at Nightmarket over in Dublin are a great bunch of people and they approached us with a site idea in mind that they wanted to be brought to life. The site needed to reflect the unique, colourful, Thai food that they produce and we, of course, were happy to help and have certainly created a site that showcases the uniqueness of their food.

How we Captured their Uniqueness

It can sometimes be a challenge to tap into what makes a client unique but with Nightmarket it was clear from the get-go, their eye-catching and one of a kind presentation of food. With that in mind, we created a site with large images as the focal point that do justice to the fabulous food they create. The images have slow animations that cut through elements to reveal bold content, a clear representation of Nightmarket’s tendency to surprise you with their fantastic food once you look a little closer.

Oriental themed NightmarketBehind the Scenes

We’ve talked about how unique the site is and that’s because our guys in the office used this originality as a design brief when developing the site. It was expressed by our designers to the developers that all the interactive sections of the site needed to have their own individual functions to capture the individuality of the business behind the website. This led to us using a variety of beautiful CSS3 transitions throughout the whole site.

Everything Else

It’s hard to pinpoint anything that doesn’t scream unique on this site but the following are some of the features on the site that were created with accommodating visitors to the site in mind rather than showcasing the businesses quirky style of food.

We developed a bespoke on brand Google map that visitors can interact with to locate the Nightmarket venue. We also created a custom Instagram integration system and even a beautiful full-screen menu with a function that allows users to share the menu with others!

A Final Word

This project has been one of the best we’ve had the pleasure to take part in and we’re over the moon with how it has turned out. Go check it out here and let us know what you think!

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