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March 7th 2017

Truly Terrible Typography - The Oscar Catastrophe

Truly Terrible Typography - The Oscar Catastrophe

Given the recent Oscar fiasco we feel it is more than necessary to talk about something that we always make our clients aware of, typography!


The Fiasco

If you live in a cave and somehow haven’t heard about what happened at the Oscars, then let me run through it briefly. The two presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were handed the “best actress” envelope rather than the “best picture” envelope which they were supposed to be given. The two presenters looked at the card awkwardly before deciding to announce La La Land for the best picture award. Now you may be thinking how has that got anything to do with typography? And the presenters are just stupid, but take a look at the card they were handed.

This card is not acceptable at an event as prestigious as the Oscars.

 The problem

Typography has clearly been a total afterthought on this occasion, a problem you’ll never come across when working with SO Marketing. We take in to account all aspects of typography ranging from font to formatting. It’s safe to say that had we organised the Oscars this never would have happened! This event illustrates how important legible, clear typography is, so whilst some designers and clients would like to use fonts that are ‘different’, and out of the ordinary, there is a reason to why we would push back on clients to recommend against in many cases. Not to mention, Comic Sans is never an acceptable font.


Even Ryan Gosling was amused by the typography!


Typography and You

Typography is an essential part of all the services we offer since our world has become so incredibly aware of the visual appeal of a product. That’s why we offer the services of our graphic design experts on every project that we are tasked with! Get in contact with us today and make sure that you never have the same issue that those at the Oscars did!

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