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February 23rd 2017

Storm Doris vs SO Marketing

Storm Doris vs SO Marketing

Have you seen the weather? A question usually followed up by seriously can you not think of anything more interesting to say has become the question on everyone’s lips.

Storm Doris is in full force and has been plaguing our internet connection all day long here in Leek and elsewhere all over the country. The dastardly Doris has been causing havoc all around the nation whether it be throwing out internet connections or closing roads. With social media exploding in reaction to the storm we thought we’d jump on board the Doris Wagon and talk about our experience with her as well as educate you a bit about the storm!

Doris Facts

Despite sounding like it has been named after an out of control pensioner the storm is actually a real menace which you will have learnt very quickly if you chose to brave the outdoors today. Winds reaching 94mph highlights just how powerful the storm has become along its journey. We’ve poked at the name a little for the storm but the Met Office claims that naming storms has been a massive positive for the nation. With the modern-day society being heavily involved in social media the comical name made the rounds on twitter and Facebook thus making our nation more aware of these storms and encouraging proper precautions.

Our Experience

At SO Marketing we were ready for another busy and productive day, but from around 10:30 onwards we struggled to deal with Doris and her effects. It may go without saying but our work is heavily internet based so when our internet packed up a collective ‘urm, oh’ was declared across the office. But this situation turned out to be a fantastic time for our team to come together and compromise! Encouraging even more communication than usual to get work done as well as collectively focusing on tasks that could be completed offline we managed to maintain our always high efficiency despite Storm Doris’s best efforts.

A final word

All in all, the storm has been a learning experience for our team and made for an interesting day at work. Don’t let the name fool you though folks only go outdoors if absolutely necessary and make sure you stay safe!


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