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May 19th 2017

The RAR Awards - Six Nominations for SO

The RAR Awards - Six Nominations for SO

We’ve been nominated for a total of six RAR digital awards! You know what that means! Party time!

It is always great being recognised for our hard work and this year we’ve been nominated for a multitude of RAR Awards, six to be exact. They are: e-commerce, web design, web development, value for money, social and strategic thinking!

A buzz has spread across the office and consequently, we’ve decided to enlighten you about not only why we deserved to be nominated but why we should be taking the awards home.

A Busy Year

We at SO are always busy but this year particularly we’re proud to have branched out and begun to change the game when it comes to e-commerce and upgrading our social profile as well. Last year we were proud to take home the award for web design (for the second year running) and value for money but this only motivated us more to create unique designs for our clients and maintain that high calibre of work that we always strive to produce.


We were nominated for e-commerce last year but were pipped to the award, like an elephant, our team does not forget and that defeat has been on our minds when we have been creating e-commerce stores all year. Many clients have come forward this year choosing us to create an e-commerce website and we’re very hopeful that this time around we’ll be the ones taking the prestigious award home!

Our Prestigious History

It’s very possible that you’re aware of the fact that we’ve been attending the RAR awards for the past couple of years since we are always proud to share our attendance with you, mainly because we’re always so successful! This year of course we’re hoping to add to our already exuberant collection of awards and despite the stiff competition we’re feeling confident! We’ve attended the awards so often at this point that the hosts surely consider us a second family and we’re excited to see our relatives once again! The award ceremony is always great fun.

See You There

And that’s that! Six nominations and twelve happy team members (thirteen if you include Winston). Be sure to check out social media on the 14th of June to see if we’ve won! If you're curious to see the competition we're up against then follow the link here and check them out!

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