April 5th 2017

Job Offering - Two New Available Positions

Job Offering - Two New Available Positions

We’re recruiting! We need two new members of our team and if you’re interested in joining an innovative marketing agency then you’ve come to the right place.

Credit Controller – 1 day per week

 Not only is this the coolest job title ever, telling your friends you’re a “credit controller” will definitely boost your social standing, it’s a great part-time position to dip your feet in to the world of money maintenance before diving in headfirst. You’ll be in charge of our spending and securing the payments of clients we have done work for. The job is one day per week and if you have the following qualities you’re the perfect match:

This is a temporary position since you’ll be filling in for our existing customer service admin who is leaving for maternity. So be prepared for filling some pretty big shoes! The job will span from July 2017 to March 2018 so be prepared to stick around for a while. Certain traits are required if you hope to be successful in this position:

We stop recruiting at the end of April so if you want a job surrounded by creative minds then get in touch as fast as possible! You can reach us at, email us your CV and we’ll be in touch.

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