Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

News Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

Most people in business today understand how powerful blogging can be; it’s the new journalism with the power having been placed square in the hands of the people; this of course means that whilst people now have a voice to talk about everything from the mundane to the controversial, they also have the power to spread the word about their business…be they pushing a product or a service.

Blogs aren’t just an online diary; a good blog is a portal through which all kinds of opportunities can pass and through which new clients can find what they are looking for in the vast resource that is the internet.

It’s all very well starting a blog for your business and then popping in every now and then to offer pictures of a new product or to announce new services or staff changes but it’s another thing entirely to utilize your blog fully for the benefit of your company. Will you keep yours updated or will yours fall, like so many others to the wayside? Only you have the answer to that question and only you have the power to use every ounce of power which your blog could offer.

How exactly can updating your blog regularly help your business to thrive?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is one of the most powerful tools which any business can grasp and use to their advantage. Understanding SEO is an important part of running a business today whether you’re a dog walker, a local hairdresser or a multi-national company with clients everywhere from Tokyo to Paris.

No matter what your business, if you can update your blog regularly (daily is best) then the chances are, you will be including important keywords which your clients will pick up on (after the search engines do!). Of course, a professional SEO specialist will do a thorough job of ensuring your site is optimized anyway but updating on a regular basis yourself will increase your chances of grabbing traffic.

Regular fresh content matters to search engines
Search engines do not like neglected blogs; they like blogs which are updated often because the content is more likely to be current and relevant. Keep the content strong and keep it coming!

Make it share-worthy
What you write in your blog can be as amusing, shocking, interesting or outrageous as it needs to be according to your audience. You want your audience to share what you’re writing so that your audience keeps on growing. One of the most interesting aspects of this is the fact that in order to achieve it, you will need to increase your own knowledge of your business and to keep an enquiring and curious mind. Researching your own area of expertise will only improve your blog entries as you stay abreast of all current developments within the industry in question. This has got to be a good thing not only for business but for your own personal development.

Your blog can be at the very root of your success; make it strong and keep it current and your search engine ranking will increase.

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