Are You Missing Out On Web Traffic?

News Are You Missing Out On Web Traffic?

Without social media, many companies are at risk of becoming dinosaurs in the fast-moving world of e-commerce and all it encompasses

Not Using Social Media to Link Back to Your Website…

In the middle of the last century, there was a revolution in advertising; that of television. Television forced advertising executives to rethink their old strategies and come up with new ones. Businesses were forced to come up with new strategies, take on new ideas, and think in a way that was totally different to any they’d encountered before. Today we’ve seen much the same changes happen in marketing thanks to the massive growth in social media.

Social media is the be-all and end-all of advertising; it’s “it” in terms of getting your website out there and many people are missing a trick in not using it to direct people to their pages.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are how people are communicating about everything from their child’s school report to their need for a new builder. It doesn’t matter what your industry, you need social media.

As social media has developed from its first incarnation (which was little more than a tool for gossip) the general public have embraced it in all of its forms. Facebook is used for sharing family pictures yes, but it’s also used as a conduit for finding the best local services. Want a dog groomer in Norwich? Type “Norwich Dog Groomers” into your Facebook search feature and you’ll probably find one…if not, simply update your status sharing your need for someone to clip Fi-Fi’s coat and one of your “friends” will be back in a jiffy with recommendations.

Not only this but it’s changing and developing as we speak…social media is getting more sophisticated and not only thanks to paid advertising but also thanks to the growth of mobile devices with internet connections. Twitter has just launched a new feature whereby paid Tweets will ensure that the moment you walk into a new area you’ll be Tweeted with suggestions of where to get a drink, have a meal or get a tyre changed. Facebook has allowed paid updates since 2011…so this is still a very new area for some business. It’s worth educating yourself regarding social media and how it works…those companies that don’t get involved may soon find themselves left behind.

Your business needs social media in the same way that 100 years ago business needed sign painters and graphic designers to create eye-catching adverts and posters. The internet is your poster…but it’s a billion times more far reaching than any dog-eared sheet of paper stuck up on a lamppost. One Tweet, one status update, one photo share can bring in hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors as they’re directed to your website by dint of their shares.

Your social media presence will allow you to rake in far more visitors to your website than any other form of advertising and it’s very simple to manage…all it takes is regular updates which give users a reason to click or share. The combined action of clicking and sharing will spread the word and bring more visitors to your site with ease. Each social media account which is linked to your site will also link to one another…multiplying your connections simply and easily.

Without social media, many companies are at risk of becoming dinosaurs in the fast-moving world of e-commerce and all it encompasses.

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