5 Email Marketing Hacks for a Better Response Rate

Culture 5 Email Marketing Hacks for a Better Response Rate

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Delivery Failed

When built and managed properly, email marketing campaigns can generate lucrative levels of return with a much more immediate effect than other channels; eShots can educate old customers as to new products, and even draw in fresh consumers altogether – if they’re being seen and opened by the right people of course. If your email marketing campaigns are failing to deliver, check out the following 5 tips to boost that response rate:

  1. Template Time

Are you aware that, thanks to the prevalence of smart technology, over half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices? Most professional email marketing services allow you to view your open rate by device, so it pays to check if and how your messages are reaching your consumers. If you’re seeing a high open rate, but your CTR is suffering, it could well be that the template you’re using isn’t mobile responsive, creating functionality issues for the user looking to convert through their iPhone or Android hardware.

  1. Subject Matter

Perfecting those essential subject lines is a delicate art that takes time and experimentation. The best subject lines are simultaneously enticing and vague; they offer just enough information to warrant the user opening the mail, but not too much as to render its actual content moot. Don’t be afraid to split test and trial subject lines again and again; incorporate prices or promotions into the header and measure their effects on both open and click through rates.

  1. This Time it’s Personal

Everyone knows that the email marketing shots you publish are sent out to potentially thousands of names on a data list; you know it, I know it, and most importantly the consumer knows it. That being said, with some clever copywriting tomfoolery, it’s easy to feign and develop a more personal tenor through your email marketing campaigns. Don’t open with the boring “Dear Sir/Madam”, mix things up with a “Hi There!” or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, maybe even an “Ahoy!”. Perhaps try using direct address throughout the email, and be sure to include a person sign off, even if it’s from just from “The Company Team”. Creating a slightly more personal relationship with the consumer through your email marketing channels is a great way to retain a feeling of exclusivity and stave off those dreaded un-subscribers.

  1. Let’s Be Exclusive

On that note, exclusivity is a major factor in the success (or lack thereof) of an email marketing campaign. By subscribing to your emails, consumers are giving away a confidential piece of information, and agreeing to let you contact them directly with the latest offers and news. In return, they expect (quite rightfully) not to be bombarded with worn-out spiel and last week’s news. Think of your email marketing database as a private club, and reward users for their continued attendance; be sure to offer content or promotions that can’t be found elsewhere.

  1. Data Hater

There’s a weird stigma about buying data these days; it’s almost as if people envisage data being bought and sold in alleyways, on heavily encrypted USBs, by men with long coats and panama hats on. In reality, however, purchasing names and email addresses is a great way to fill out your database with relevant consumers, and could even lead to a great many enquiries in the future. Alternatively, offering incentives – either through your website or social media – is a great way to bolster your email database without huge financial expenditure.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

It could well be that it’s time for a new look, a slight rebrand or perhaps a comprehensive reformatting of your email marketing channels. SO Marketing offer all-inclusive email marketing packages suited to a range of businesses; we manage and report on your datalists, and can even design bespoke templates and fill them with compelling copy. Speak to us today on 01538 750 538 to learn more about taking email marketing to the next level.

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