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In this episode we’re going to be going over our 2021 predictions and seeing if they came true, also then having a look at what we think is going to happen in 2022.


Hi everyone, and welcome to this episode of so. So we’re going to be going over our 2021 predictions and seeing if they came true and also then having a look at what we think is going to happen in 2022.
Hi, everyone, it’s Chelsea. And I’m here with Rebecca and Sam today. And we’re going to be looking into what we had predicted what happened in the past and what we think is going to be predicted for the future of 2022 in terms of the digital marketing space. So to kick off then, what we what we said was going to happen last year, I’ve, I’ve got a list of my 2021 predictions from our previous, our previous podcast episode in front of me, and I’ll link this one as well in the in the footer. So you can catch up on that one if you really want to. But I mean, we are recapping it now so there’s probably no point really, but the top one is quite funny. First 2021 prediction that we thought would take off was clubhouse. Faking that chuckle says it Oh, so I was just sat there shaking his head for from the start. Yeah, so clubhouse. James Rich and I were proper big on clubhouse when it first started. And then we’d spend a lot of time on there because it was obviously like the shiny new thing. And I don’t think I’ve been on it since March last year.
Yeah, I mean, honestly, I was never I never got the privilege to talk to like Grace, grace the platform, but
you never got an invite to Jeff. Nor did I
make of that as you well. Yeah, I just thought the whole concept was very, very weird.
Well, I think it was always a bit like, I think it was a great idea, in theory, because it had everything that you kind of wanted from like the spaces and the community aspect of it. But I think the delivery of it was just one it took way too long in beta testing, and it just never really managed to take off properly. And also as well, you had like everyone, even Twitter at some point had like Twitter spaces that it was trying to get in, like, you know, it’s bad when Twitter’s trying to like put you out a bit, as
you know, just jump on that straightaway and make their own versions, which people are gonna use straightaway. So your market share of that kind of nice go straightaway.
Yeah, it was a nice, it was a nice thing to play with, I think at the time, but yeah, it just never really took off. So we’re gonna give a big one. And then the next time to 21 prediction was regulation of big companies like Facebook and Google and increased data protection? Well, I don’t think that’s happened.
I mean, to a degree, I mean, I know Apple, as a, as a company, on the device and stuff they make, they’ve got a whole new privacy policy. Now. I mean, they tried to market it on, you know, adverts on TV and stuff to, you know, kind of give you that security that they made changes. And, you know, there was issues there. And they’ve gone, they’ve gone and fix them. And I saw a report, I think I think it was probably towards the tail end of last year saying that, you know, these companies like Google and Facebook, etc, etc. have lost probably like a collective of about a billion dollars in revenue, just because there’s data that they used to have access to, on Apple devices, isn’t there anymore due to this? Encryption?
Wow. Okay. I think that was something that we were concerned about, wasn’t it, Rebecca, in terms of like, whenever we were doing like Facebook ads and stuff for clients, and if we actually have data to be able to do them as effectively. But I think in terms of like, actually regulating the big companies more, and I think the reason that we were talking about this last year, if my memory serves me, well, from listening to the podcast, it’s lunchtime was the in statement of President Biden, and it was one of his policies, I believe, to try and crack down on the big conglomerates, like Facebook, and that we should mention now is actually called meta. Indeed, yeah, that’s a big change since 2021. And Google, and I don’t think I really think Google has been regulated more. So in fact, actually, I think Google is just like, ever expanding. I saw the other day that they’re looking to put a lot of money into their London based offices or just off Tottenham Court Road, going from 7000 people to over 10,000 people and really ramping up what they want to do in the UK. So I think Google is just set to keep expanding really, from the sounds a bit so yeah, I don’t think well, we’ll give that a half and half one then really on that one. And the next one was mental health. So The conversation we had around that while I was working from home, the pandemic burnout, so that companies would start trying to look after their stuff in more wellness terms and create like wellness strategies and things for that. Because stats off the back of this, people were actually working longer, because they were working from home during the pandemic, obviously, mental health was a massive conversation anyway, because people felt very isolated back back in 2021, when we recorded that we were actually in a lockdown as well. And also, as well, there was a study that came out that people are now more likely to overwork by 35 minutes every single day, because of the pandemic, and if they are actually working from home. So that was a big conversation. And interestingly, at some point last year, so she’ll chain one of the biggest agencies in the UK, and also obviously, like in America and places and they have given their staff a 50 pound a month wellbeing benefit and they could spend that on whatever brings them joy. So I think that that was a big tick on one thing that we got right but if you had 50 pound a month to spend on well being some what would you spend it on? No
question in theory, um, oh my days.
So they were saying like, you could spend on anything like either like gym membership, or like I like delivery some nights if you couldn’t be bothered to cook. Like honestly anything you could spend it on Bill about balance. Yeah, you could spend it on like plants if you really wanted to, like I’m trying to think what I’d spend 50 pound a month on for wellness. Yes,
I’m frantically sorry. Thank you. I mean, yeah, I think gym membership is probably the big one. The obvious one people think of what go to the gym
yeah, I think like him and this is one of my 2020 predictions. I’d probably use a 50 pound a month and Matt No put it put it towards my bills because the cost of living
for wellness is heat my home.
Yes, I think we’re just jumping the gun a little bit. Yeah, that’s what I put it towards my bills. So then another prediction was the creation of like, digital experiences to replicate obviously, like in person experiences, because people were locked down and they couldn’t experience anything. Real realistically, virtually the code if it was available to them, but that’s I think what a lot of companies, bigger companies especially started to put money towards so it’s like digital experiences that sort of bring people together just not physically.
Yeah, I mean, I mean, I think we can all say we’ve not done as many gun so many events, as we usually would if it was, you know, a COVID free world if you will. We haven’t gotten as many holidays as you probably would like to over the past two or three years as well. So yeah, I think it was always probably quite obvious, but more sensible and, you know, a good route to go down to delivering experiences to help booster people that are might be missing unlocking and, and what they’ve experienced over the past three years.
Yeah, I think some of them were really intuitive as well like so for example, like people that bought luxury goods, you know, like kind of you Gucci Louis times, like you go in there and like you go into the shop and it really is an experience within itself. And what they were doing was a lot of augmented reality to enable you to I think have those experiences so I think Gucci did a collaboration with Snapchat a lot of filters on there to try and like engage people and so that was interesting companies that sell like furniture and I think home where they were doing a lot of like virtual reality type things where you could try and see what it would look like in your home through like technology and everything which which was pretty cool term. And I think even b2b companies needed to also I guess get in on that strategy because in relationship driven sales cycles How would you build those relationships if you can’t kind of like see them and like rely on zoom all the time everyone felt super zoomed out. And I know when we recorded last year’s like James mentioned how he felt really zoomed out and I think everyone kind of got sick of zoom so cuz you know how like he just had all these zoom quizzes and things like that people. People just got bought off
very quickly.
But definitely served a purpose while the need to but I think a lot of people now are looking again, I want in person experiences I want that human interaction. Yeah,
you’ll never you’ll never replicate the same thing.
No, definitely not. And I think that’s one of my other predictions for 2022. Like, the rise of like flexible experiences and how we need to become more dynamic as a society and just like digital integration into our daily lives is becoming much more prevalent. And I think that kind of goes back to you. I guess another prediction we had last year was engaging customers with meaningful content and added value. So a lot of community marketing came out. And you can see people were trying to create their own communities online to replicate like the communities I think that they were missing out on. peloton was a good example of that one that we use because like their community is a massive part of like, what keeps people engaged and actually pelleted as a company from like, obviously working out, the drop off rate or people going to the gym after they’ve signed up is like ridiculously like most gyms are recurring revenue, and relies on like getting people to sign up for a year, and then they actually really rarely ever go. Whereas peloton actually have an engagement rate, after 12 months of 92% of people signing up and still using the app their equipment
brings a great investment in it, because you made that such huge initial investment in their equipment to start off with the subscription after that, like you say, just in theory, just replaces your your gym memberships, you were never offered. Or sorry, you’re never spending any more money anywhere. Maybe if you were just using the gym or whatever. And like you say, if you spent say, X amount of money on some equipments, that is you know, worth a lot of money, you’re going to use it, if you’ve bought it, it’s not just going to be a I’ll use it once or twice. And then they’ll just sit there unless you unless, of course you haven’t.
Even the even the app to to be fair, though, like you don’t even need to like the app was the predominant one the stock came from actually, because not a lot of people do you have like the equipment and everything. And even if you do have the right quit their equipment, it retains its value. So if you are like me, you get bored or something after three months, highly likely you’ll be able to sell it for around cost. So it’s not too concerning, to be fair. But I think it’s interesting that what you find is a lot of people I can have like peloton communities on like Strava. And all of these other fitness apps that have integrated them really well to where they think their core target audiences will actually spend time. And you can kind of follow their instructors on like Instagram and Facebook and stuff. And you’ll notice like some of them have like more active Facebook profiles. They’re towards the older demographic. And they’ve kind of turned their instructors into, like micro influencers in a way. Which brings us to my last 2021 prediction, which was influencer marketing and the decline of bigger influencers, like the Kardashians, and the increase of the micro influencers with more niche audiences. So that brings us to our wrap on our 2021 predictions. How do you think we did?
I mean, we started off a clubhouse. So it wasn’t a great start.
I think I was hoping you forget that.
Not once we get one on 40. I think about fair bid on a lot of things. Yeah. It’s a good, rounded Yeah, it’s great.
Yeah, and I mean, I’m not mystic in any way. Like we were just, we just kind of were looking at what we thought was gonna happen. And kind of part of part of my role is to keep my finger on the pulse of what I think is kind of going on from a macro perspective. And I think we definitely did that, especially around the digital experiences, the influence marketing, and the communicate community marketing aspects. So I’m hoping that when we do this again next year for the 2020, free ones can
laugh at ourselves. Silly and naive. We were, what do we
think that is going to happen in 2022? Who’s going to be brave, and Rebecca,
I think that a lot of people now are not that it’s gone anywhere. But I think everyone’s kind of a little bit over COVID II and we’ve all gone through it. We’ve all cried through it. We’ve all had, like, probably some of the worst years in terms of isolation, mental health that we’ve said. But a lot of people now are, I think maybe seeing the end of it and there’s a lot more optimism around
Yeah, I think you’re right on the optimism front, like, we were saying this as well with like clients in general, it’s almost like they’ve started 2022. And it’s like, so COVID Like, we’re we’re here, we’re moving forward, everyone seems really excited. And I think talking to some of my clients last year, they were talking about like, like, the great resignation was a finger in like October. And I feel like a lot of change happened towards the latter end of last year. And people were like, I’m like, calling it the great resignation or the great reshuffle, because there’s so much talent and everything out there. And people are now putting more money into the economy, businesses are creating opportunities for people. Their cost of living is going up, unfortunately. But also as well, what I would say is salaries for the new opportunities that are being created, are also reflecting that too. And I think that’s part of the reason for the great reshuffle. That and people have been bored, because they’ve been locked down for 18 months to two years, haven’t they? So I think people just fine see a change. But yeah, I think investments in general and key people saying that, like they’re feeling inspired and just looking forward to things and with the fact that we kind of got like, a good Christmas as well. People just feel a lot a lot better. And because of all of the wellness strategies that businesses implemented in 2021. Everyone’s obviously feeling great, because I feel mentally well, definitely. But yeah, I think from like, joking aside and everything, I think we are starting to see a lot more optimism from businesses and with that comes a lot of investment into their marketing. Which is great, because people are starting to try new things, they want to be more innovative. And I do think one of the best things about the pandemic to have happened in a way is because everyone was forced to work from home we got an insight into people’s lives that we never would have gotten an insight to and it’s almost made everyone much more human so kind of like old corporate business practices that used to be the case aren’t anymore and we’ve kind of got to know people on like a personal level like like clients have met my dogs virtually
Yeah. That clients Kids Yeah, yeah.
And I think it’s helped with like building those relationships and I guess people now feel like a bit more free to be themselves and like have a voice and be authentic I think instead of like trying to I don’t really know how to finish the sentence instead of trying to like I guess acting like a I should be like this way.
Yeah, definitely more acceptance. I think of just things not being perfect 100% of the time like we’ve lived through
it doesn’t need sugar coated does it anymore so it’s just it’s people buy into that realism.
Yeah, I think that helps you build better relationships just being yourself and being like you say human
Yeah, I think that leads me into so going from like the the optimism and the kind of like gung ho like exuberance, and personal branding, I think people feel like they’re in a they’re unable to be themselves now. And I feel like if you’re a good business owner and you want to generate more sales, you know that actually capitalised, capitalising on your employees, personalities, and encouraging them to have personality is a good thing because for example, when we sell things, and people get bought into people, we have a vast array of different personalities at so people like different people, so therefore, why don’t we let those conversations happen more naturally, and put the best people that are matched with the best people to create those relationships? So for example, like I get on with some clients way better than like James or Michael rich word, and it’s about using those brands, I guess, to attract the people towards people. And I think encouraging people to be themselves does naturally drive more sales and makes more people are interested and also as well, like people feel like randomly like they know you as well. Like I’ve had clients just like send me random emails after like LinkedIn posts that I put out there and Just because I’ve seen some fan. And then it’s reminded them actually, they wanted to talk to me about a project. And it’s just that consistency and having content and stuff out there. And also as well, I could use this as an example at the time, but rises seven have the best engaged employees, and they all look like they’re so excited to work for them. And that’s kind of what I wanted to create for us, because everyone loves coming into work. So why aren’t we why aren’t we sharing that online? So yeah, I’m asking that right now. But like, as a as a general concept, it could work for any business. But you could you could sell shoes, why aren’t people? Why aren’t the people that are creating your shoes, and marketing your shoes, and selling your shoes, raving about your shoes online? Like if they genuinely enjoy coming into work, or doing the job that they do? Why not talk about it. And I think that is a key to knowing if you have an engaged workforce or not. Because like, if someone’s excited to do something they naturally want to talk about and share it with other people.
And I know sometimes like I’ve looked at whether it’s engaging in services or buying things, like when you get to know the people behind it, I feel more at ease before going into that, that like service, or whatever it is, you feel like you know them already. So there’s all already that like bass. So like you say you talk to him, people might message you just have a LinkedIn post. Yeah, already that level of familiarity that wouldn’t have been there.
Yeah. And I think as well, like,
let’s say they just came back to what you said previously, it takes the corporate and, you know, I feel like out of what is just a normal human interaction between people, you know, that are growing up that relationship relationship in a business environment, gentlemen,
yeah, I think that’s what we’re seeing, like, I know, obviously, businesses business, but also as well, like, I joke about this with clients. And I literally say to them, like, I would not take clients on if I didn’t think I could go to the pub and have a drink with them. Because at the end of the day, like, with me and Rebecca looking after, like the routine services side of the business, we cultivate these relationships with them. And actually, a lot of the work that we do is based upon trust and trust that we can actually do that for them, and interest in their business so that we can go and like actively suggest things to them. And we do get like, not kind of like we were having this conversation the other day, weren’t we around like some clients have, like children and stuff and how like, we, we know things about them that actually like and sometimes as well, like, for example, like when my granddad passed away, some of my clients knew about that before, like, even my friends knew about that. Because like, you talk to them on such on such like, personal level at times. And like they’ve literally seen your house and senior dogs and stuff. Yeah. And it is quite like it’s a different relationship, but it’s a relationship and on the same. And I think social media is like how do we keep in touch with our friends from school? We have them on Instagram and Facebook? Well, how do we keep in touch with our connections that we’ve made in the business world, like, we have them on LinkedIn. And that’s how I’ve always seen it to be fair. But I think that’s kind of now what other people that even in like, I’ve actually made friends from LinkedIn as well. And it’s, yeah, it’s really good as a platform. And I think that when used in the right way, instead of like, using personal brand to like preach at people and stuff, like some of them do, they literally use their social media as a platform, like I don’t condone doing that in any way, because it’s kind of like you’re talking at people. But if you can create real conversations and relationships, or at least continue the relationships that you build with people in real life, then I think it’s definitely got a place and I want to see more of that in 2022. So Sam, I tasked you with coming up with all of the development ones didn’t tie because obviously, they’re not my forte
not mine.
Sam, hit me what have you got?
I believe that to start us off, I think because obviously I mean, I would like to say we’ve all probably been especially within the last 12 months, been somewhat accustomed or experienced or heard the term of cryptocurrency, so I’m gonna guess especially because all these big companies like your Tesla’s Facebook, and Apple, they all come out with their own statements say and we’re gonna, we’re not gonna take payments, we’re gonna invest in it like tassle Did you know so I believe I know Twitter’s is already starting or might already have done started to take payments with Bitcoin for, you know, sin, promoted and marketing material or that. So I believe that although none trickle down into, you know, other websites that you use, or just buying, whatever it be with, whatever whatever you buy online, whether it be you know,
you were playing around with that actually, weren’t you at?
The it’s the obviously it’s doable, and it’s a definite thing businesses can do, and it just opens up more avenues for payments. And just to help if customers want to check out that way, then why? Why shouldn’t they tell me? Yeah, I
think so what you’re saying is the tech functionality is there, but the market need for it at the moment is a little bit low.
Yeah, I think there’s obviously still some scepticism about you know, whether it’s just whether it’s just a phase and stuff. And I would like to think if you know, if these big, big, big players in the world are active and not seen, then I think, I think that would tell you all you need to know, and I think other businesses should be encouraged by that. So also get on board with that.
I think this idea has legs because I read an article about three months ago saying that the the Bank of England was talking about digital currency and bringing down a digital pound. Yeah. So I do think that it is going somewhere. I don’t think it will have mass take up for the next five years, though?
No, because like you say, I always talk about what my granddad they literally only had internet within like the past four years. So yeah, God blessed enough to listen. But they would they wouldn’t they would not be checking out online with any Kryptos and stuff like that. So I mean, obviously, it’s not for everyone. So as a bottom line, but you know, it’s it’s growing. And I think it will continue to grow into Swansea, Swansea. So I think you’ll start to see it more on the platforms that you use every day.
Yeah, I think the introduction will definitely be there in 2022. And then I think mass take up for people, probably in the next five years, when it goes through the innovation curve. I would like to then ask, what is an NF? T? Is that a part of your predictions?
Depends. If we’re talking about JPEGs, that are considered to be art, I would get off that train at the first stop.
But I can make a JPEG and I want I want to make millions and crypto. So don’t kill my business streams. My Canva JPEG,
I think, I think if an NFT has an actual use, such as you know, if they get you into specific places that you want to attend, or say, if you’ve got a ticket to a concert bike, that that is an NFT then fair play. And if it’s, I mean, it’s a big talking gaming at the minute, so if you buy an in game item, that’s an NFT on a game, you could then sell that and then use that money, whatever, currency on it a different game, whereas as pfingsten at the minute, you wouldn’t be able to do that. I mean, so I think, yeah, as an idea that, that has, like set itself, but if it’s talking about millions of dollars of what can be described as a JPEG, then it’s not for me, but I mean, it depends on it depends who you ask. I mean, some of it’s a big load enough in some of its, you know,
okay, with so one to watch, then definitely and see how the space unfolds.
Yeah, I think it’s a this year probably will be a big disorder, and, you know, wherever it fizzles, or whether it actually becomes something that’s worthwhile society, I hope that a lotta okay, but like, I feel it needs to be taken more seriously. And people aren’t gonna take it seriously if they just see a JPEG of a monkey with millions now I might get you know, slightly sloppy.
And what else have you got for us?
I think especially with WordPress this year, I think we’re gonna see WordPress WordPress six which will be exciting because I mean, there’s it’s all rumours at the minute because there’s a lot of talk about the being like multi language features built in from from the core, which is, you know, great for anybody really, any anybody wants to stretch their content out across the world? Because obviously, I mean, we can all heart well, you can all try and rely on IN BROWSER translation, iKON Chrome and stuff, but obviously, if you’re offering that content down to a tee by, you know, qualified and experienced copywriters who write that content in an entirely different language. Yeah. That it just helps the customer experience if you’re, if you’re shopping from a different country. I mean, I’m sure we’ve all we’ve all probably done it ourselves. It helps. So
yeah, definitely takes me back to my French GCSE when they were like, yeah, don’t use Google Translate. Just be people didn’t listen. Well, yeah, that’s kind of what I always think. I think WordPress 6.0 is coming out in April, I want to say,
I haven’t seen by I’d like to hope so. Let’s hope so. I mean, see, now we can see the paddock?
Yeah, I think I’d be interested to see how it works. And you’re definitely excited for it as well on your Rebecca, because you do a lot of work with current WordPress websites from an SEO perspective, and how that all change and what Google might need to do, then off the back of that.
Yeah, it’ll definitely be interesting. I mean, Google’s constantly updating and changing. And so I’m sure they will have some changes on the back of the WordPress 6.0. But yeah, we can just say I mean, with progression, I think comes extra add on things that you say we didn’t have before, which will ultimately improve the user experience, if that’s only a good thing. And I think that’s still probably going to be a focus for Google this year, is less of a focus on businesses and more the users and making sure that they have a good experience like with the the updates they did last year, and that the mobile updates and really looking at how people use Google. Yeah. And how businesses use it. Because at the end of the day, they’re the the main client really?
Yeah, I think Sam shared an interesting stat as well that WordPress has now surpassed 43% of market share. So obviously, WordPress in the eyes of Google is doing something well, because what I would say is, WordPress websites do tend to rank really highly as well.
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I mean, it because it’s such a great open source community, there’s plenty of plugins, when used in moderation. There’s plenty of resources and stuff out there that you can almost all work together as a community to help each other rank your website’s higher. And you know, how to stream on sites. And it just doesn’t come with any of the probably might be some excess baggage, if certain stuff isn’t what you’re using WordPress for.
But what’s the technical term? Some WordPress Joomla? WordPress Joomla?
Is what we like to call it house. I mean, this is a slam dunk. I mean, they
you can you can strip out certain features of WordPress that you you don’t need to use. Yeah. In order to create the most streamlined and effective admins on websites that you that you want to make on online. So yes, like
me when I’m driving a car, like I can’t have too many buttons that distract me because like, obviously, then I’ll crash into something. So same with your website, you don’t want it to crash. So you basically take out anything that you do not need, keep it bare bones, and then hire
those bots. Rebecca, saying about how, you know, Google wants the best and quickest sites around so in order to rank well, so I mean, the quicker you can be site, the better. Yeah.
And for me as well, using WordPress, I can work quicker on WordPress that that’s great for everyone.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah. All at once familiar with so yeah.
So Rebecca, what do you think your prediction? Well, what are your predictions for 2022? What do you think’s going to happen?
In terms of maybe wider I’m, I’ve seen maybe a lot more consciousness in terms of being inclusive, whether that’s accessibility, looking at different genders. A lot of seeing people as people rather than what they maybe maybe someone has a disability, there’s a lot of more of looking at people and saying, Well, that’s not an issue or staring we’re going to look at this head on and we’re going to provide products or services For people who are just people like everyone else, I’ve seen a lot of that sustainability as well.
Yeah, that’s a massive one. I think a lot of our clients are working on carbon zero roadmaps, that sort of thing, how they want to become carbon neutral in the next however many years. Yeah.
And we’ve definitely seen it on Google trends as well, the amount of searches for sustainable brands has shocked off. And I also now think it’s kind of an expectation. Whereas before, it was like an extra add on that, that that’s great. Now, it’s like, that is expected from the user. We go into websites looking for your information on sustainability and what you’re doing.
Yeah, and I think as well off the back of that, you’ve got concerns around like greenwashing, and people are starting to become a lot more savvy, in terms of like, what they’re doing. So for example, like, you can have these brands that like, stand on a soapbox on Instagram and talk about like, how sustainability is a thing. But then you’ve then got the people that are saying, you’re talking about sustainability, but then you paying your factory workers X amount of money, and it’s not a sustainable wage to live off. So sustainability, I think, is obviously looking at resources as a whole. And How sustainable is that business model in general? And if you’re exploiting anyone, so it’s not just like your core, like the raw resource materials like your Warden, like, things like that. And the environment, it’s like, How sustainable is it for you to carry on paying these people and making their standard of living? Absolutely terrible. And I think it is just what you said, in terms of like consciousness and doing good for people and making sure that people are paid like a living wage, no matter what country they live in, and what the laws are.
Definitely, I think the world today is very different from 10 years ago, and even five years ago, yeah, there’s less emphasis on like, like you say, corporate business money, all that kind of
status symbols as well. Like, for example, the amount of people that are like downsizing like cars thinking actually do I need this big five bedroom house, like actually, there’s literally just like me, it’s like, for example, if I was looking for a house now, like, as a single person, what I really go and buy, like a free bedroom house, like if I didn’t need it, or like, for example, if people had like, their kids were leaving home, for example. And they live in like the family home and stuff, there’s so much going on around like these people that don’t really have the need now for these, like massive family homes are actually sitting on those houses. And then there’s not enough houses for the people that actually do have those bigger families with the children to go in and have that. And it’s making house prices go up in terms of the inflation and aspects of it in everything. And just cost of living in general. And I think what we’re starting to become more conscious of now is just like resources in general, we can’t keep up with building enough houses for people housing isn’t affordable. And just be mindful then of like other people, and do we actually need this amount of space?
Yeah, definitely, just like you say, is just consciousness in every aspect, just people becoming less me first and thinking about all this.
Yeah, I think like, another thing that I kind of wanted to bring in was the community aspect of things. And I wanted to do it from a workplace because obviously now we’ve seen like, how the debate around like working from home or coming back to the office is still in full swing. And like kind of how we can work around that and really engage everyone, but from a community spirit perspective, and like having people not be me first. It’s like, well, how are businesses and working with like the teams to make this a community and make everyone like, get along, be engaged and kind of like integrate them back into into society? Almost because people have been so isolated for the last few years. How do reteach people have to be people and get along with people again?
Yeah, definitely even like like coming back into work and how how do I dress? It? Yes. Okay for the way
so thank you, Rebecca, like you were working at home for a year when you and also as well it was a time for you where like, you’ve not really been in like a proper proper job out of university for that long.
Now I graduated and then I got my first job out of uni, Spence, six months there and then COVID happened, and then I spent the next year in lockdown. So I’d had double the amount of time at home that I had within the workplace. With the people I work with every single day, so it was such a strange experience. And then I remember going to say when they asked me about the question about working in the office and pretty much begged to be.
Yeah, she did. But no is kind of like, and then we’re thinking about all of these, like younger people. And I think like, starting careers like, and having like the structure in place, and even just like the, the mentorship and like the kind of like collective of being like around people that can actually nurture you in a role effectively, instead of just like leaving people to their own devices. And I think like, we’ve all been, like 25 or under, we’re all pretty early on in our careers. And imagine if you were just like sat at home by yourself, and you didn’t have any, like, kind of guidance, support or mentorship? I don’t think it would do very well, for our generations mental health going forward for years to come.
Yeah, I think especially the development side, we all kind of, you know, collaborate to make ourselves better developers is the bottom line. So yeah, I think if we were just, you know, left on our own for indefinite indefinitely, I think we probably would kind of not stagnate in terms of progression. But you know, the rate of progression, as developers won’t be as quick, as you know, is when we are all in the office and collaborate it.
Yeah, even just like softer skills, like we have in the conversation the other day when we Rebecca about like, how we plan our time and stuff. And you used to write like a massive, long list and just have a long list. And then like, I did it in a completely different way to you, you saw how I did it. And then you’ve started doing that, and you prefer that, and it’s just like, the softer skills. It’s like, I’ve learned so much from seeing how, when I used to work in recruitment, for example, that was a massive open plan office, and I learned how to sell not free listening to like while pretending to listen to like the PowerPoints and the training that I have to listen to, but actually from being in the room, and having the people around me, give me guidance and kind of like thinking, Oh, that works really well for that person. I’ll try that on my next call and see if that works for me, and just kind of like picking up these like, I guess cues from what other people would do. And so I do genuinely believe that as a young person. I would not want to work from home all the time. I in fact, I think that will be really detrimental to my progression and my mental health.
So how are we doing that for 2022 predictions? Do you feel like we’ve predicted enough any burning ones you really want to get out there like a whim Canva is gonna really kick off and designers are all gonna become extinct. I can see that because I’ve got no one in the room that’s gonna argue with me.
I think if we add any more to will just look even more silly this time next year. So
yeah, true. clubhouse is making a comeback. But yeah, I think it’d be really interesting to hear if you guys feel like we’ve missed anything, or if you just like to generate the conversation really of what you think is going to happen in 2022. Because we’re really excited for this year. And it’s like Rebecca said, sort of COVID and yes to 2022. And thank you very much for listening, and we’re excited to hear what you think as well.

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