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March 28, 2017 / Technical, Websites /

Today marks the date of the UK Fast Unlocked Manchester conference which is being attended by James and Josh from our office. These guys are there to learn more about cybersecurity and how we can make our clients websites and information even more secure than they already are given the huge amount of hack attempts we see daily.

UKFast are our hosting provider located in Manchester and have grown to become one one of the UKs leading web and security hosting providers which is why we host all of our clients with them.

Why the Team Is There
At the conference, James and Josh will have answers to questions such as what risks do agencies like ourselves face given the rapid growth occurring in fields such as artificial intelligence and the threats posed by Internet of Things devices. The primary focus of the conference is ‘cybersecurity’, a topic that is particularly relevant give the current state of technology and the massive increase in threats between 2016 and 17. To put the number of new threats into perspective, a new malware signature is detected every 0.4 seconds – literally in the blink of the eye.

What is Cybersecurity?
Simply put cybersecurity is having the awareness of the dangers that are present on the internet and having the necessary knowledge to combat these issues. The problem with cybersecurity is that it is always evolving, hackers and viruses are constantly changing so it is essential that we evolve with these issues.

What we’re hoping to learn
Truth be told our team are ahead of the field when it comes to security, we deal with hacks daily and have taken positive steps to deal with hackers but of course, there is always more to learn! From the conference, we’re hoping to gain more information about the current spike in hack attempts as well as prepare ourselves for the future of cybersecurity. The key takeaway from the event is that any information publicly accessible on the internet is already a target and there is no way to ever be 100% safe from malware, ransomware and the other threats that are ever evolving.

What We Already Offer
We offer our clients a variety of security packages to assist with running their website and are constantly updating our responses to hackers across the globe. When you choose SO Marketing it is an absolute guarantee that your site is in the very best hands. Our website maintenance packages start at just £35 per month to protect and support your website and prevent security issues.

About the author

Richard Latham: Coming from a combined design, print and web background working in many different agencies, my aim is to break the mould, ensure attention to detail and a high quality of work is maintained at all times at SO Marketing. When not at work or travelling the globe I love to go mountain biking to explore hidden trails and spend quality time with the family.

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