School’s Out for Marketing

July 19, 2016 / News /

Summer Lovin’

Yep, it’s been raining solidly for about two hours outside, but our iPhone weather app tells us there’s a 2% chance of sun, so we’re going to cling to that hope and officially call it; summer is here. But what does the summer season mean for your business? Some industries – fashion, retail, tourism & travel – are naturally going to be really busy at this time of year. Others, however, particularly the services industry, might well be hitting their annual lull. So how can businesses adapt their digital marketing strategies to accommodate for the drop? Or is a bit of downtime for some light “web-keeping” just what they need? Continue Reading →

Saying More with Less

July 19, 2016 / Marketing /

Image Problems

You know that old cliché: “A picture says a thousand words”? Well wouldn’t it be good if you could complement those pictures with persuasive and compelling copy designed to increase page hold time and improve your website performance? Now, wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if a friendly bunch of creatives offered both of these services under one roof, perhaps in an easily-accessible Leek location with a distinctly quirky office? On top of all that, wouldn’t it just be mind-bogglingly brilliant if they could then adapt that copy to suit email marketing campaigns, press releases and social channels. Now, if only such a place existed…. Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing for Summer Success

July 19, 2016 / Marketing, News /

If you’ve been following us on social media for a while now (and who doesn’t, we’re basically the Kardashians of web design?) you’ll see that we recently published an article on why the ‘dryer’ summer period might be the perfect time for a new website or a branding rethink. But what if you’re happy with your existing platform, or you’ve only just invested in a new one? How can you continue to reach and engage with your consumers when your industry is going through a dry spell? Perhaps it’s time for a reshuffle of your digital marketing strategy. Continue Reading →

5 Email Marketing Hacks for a Better Response Rate

July 8, 2016 / Design, Email Marketing, Marketing /

Delivery Failed

When built and managed properly, email marketing campaigns can generate lucrative levels of return with a much more immediate effect that other channels; eShots can educate old customers as to new products, and even draw in fresh consumers altogether – if they’re being seen and opened by the right people of course. If your email marketing campaigns are failing to deliver, check out the following 5 tips to boost that response rate: Continue Reading →

Why Brexit is the Perfect Marketing Opportunity

July 5, 2016 / Marketing, News /

Brexit Strategy

It’s been a full week since the UK historically voted to leave the European Union, and what a turbulent time it’s been; the only thing to fall quicker than the pound was Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, and people around the nation were utterly shocked at just how many of their Facebook friends revealed themselves to be closet specialists in economics and foreign policy (who knew?). Regardless of how you fall on the Brexit debate, it’s fair to say it caused quite a stir, but you shouldn’t let the news affect your marketing plan, and here’s why. Continue Reading →

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