Nominated For 2 RAR Awards – 2016

April 28, 2016 / Awards, News /

Like a Delicious RAR Steak

That’s right, SO Marketing have once again proved that if you hang around the RAR Awards like a bad smell for long enough – they’ll definitely recognise you for something!  We’re kidding of course; we like to think we’ve been recognised for our innovative designs and outstanding customer service, but persistence definitely helps. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Isn’t Working

Conversion Aversion

Have you invested a shed load (that is the official industry term) of money recently in an ecommerce site that just isn’t generating results? Are you turning back towards bloodthirsty sites like eBay and Amazon, sacrificing profit for pure sales? Well before you log back in to the old eBay profile, check out the five following reasons your ecommerce website might not be working – it might make for some eerily familiar reading. Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Get More from Your Print Advertising

April 19, 2016 / Advertising, Print /
Print Advertising

The Proof is in the Print

If used in the right context, with the right kind of creative specialists (e.g. your friendly neighbourhood marketing team), print advertising can be a highly effective tool in your proverbial advertising arsenal. Well thought-out print advertising campaigns can saturate a local area with your brand, increase exposure several fold in a short space of time, and even drive a great deal of enquiries if you’re clever with it. If your print marketing campaigns are failing to hit the spot, check out the following 4 ways to get more bang for your buck. Continue Reading →

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