Web Design Trends of 2016

March 22, 2016 / Design, Web, Websites /
Web Trends 2016

The Next Big Things

The collective hangovers from Christmas have subsided, we’re already being bombarded with deals on Easter Eggs at the local ASDA, and we’ve stopped writing “2015” on everything by accident – it’s safe to say we’re now well into the New Year. With this, our eyes are firmly set forward (most of the time, sometimes they’re looking at the great deals on Easter chocolate) on the latest and greatest trends in web design, the concepts that are going to define 2016. Continue Reading →

Why You Should Choose PPC Over SEO

March 18, 2016 / Pay Per Click, PPC, SEO /


“Well no-one clicks on those ads do they?”

“If I pay for PPC ads for long enough, Google just upgrades my natural listings – right?”

“Google Ads are secretly just run by dodgy companies looking to steal my credit card information!”

These are just a small selection of the misconceptions digital marketing specialists have to deal with on a day-to-day basis when it comes to paid and natural search listings, and believe us, they aren’t even some of the most outlandish. Contrary to popular myths, PPC advertising is a highly effective, lucrative form of marketing for loads of companies (actual real companies, like you and I) so perhaps it’s time you started integrating it into your digital marketing plan. Continue Reading →

Getting Creative with Graphic Design

March 16, 2016 / Design /

Warning: Graphic Content

We’re just kidding, there’s nothing NSFW in this blog, just some new and innovative ways to take your graphic design concepts a little further. We’ve all seen print ads in magazines, stared at billboards on the train and even had more than a few pointless leaflets thrust at us when we’re out and about, so maybe it’s time to start getting a little more ‘out of the box’ when it comes to our visual assets. Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using eBay to Sell Online.

March 11, 2016 / eCommerce /

Bargain Hunters

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of the article, let’s start by saying we’re big lovers of EBay, from a consumer’s perspective that is. We’ve all been there, avidly hunting for a bargain, waiting to ‘snipe’ in with our bids in the eleventh hour; in fact, I got a great deal on a Sex and the City box set just last week. Did I just type Sex and the City? Apologies, what I meant to type was, urm… Breaking Bad. Anyway, although EBay might look like an attractive prospect for new sellers, it can – in many ways – actually hinder your brand rather than help it in the long run. Now we’re not saying you’re going to need a responsive Magento Ecommerce platform just to shift some old junk from the garage, but if you’re going to make a career out of online retail, you might want to consider some other options. Continue Reading →

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