A Beginners Guide to Branding

January 29, 2016 / Design /

What’s in a Brand?

It’s a good question. Certainly one that we’ve spent many an hour pondering over a delicious Vegan-Latte-Esspresso-Macchiato (us creative types do love our fancy coffee). In 2016, quality branding is about much more than just your advert in the Yellow Pages and the vehicle signage on your car, it’s about creating a universal front for your business. If you do it right, this front will stretch across every aspect of your company, tying together your social media, website and print materials into a professional looking, carefully crafted image. Continue Reading →

New Year, New Website

January 25, 2016 / Web, Websites /
New Year, New Website

High Resolutions

Losing a bit of weight, moving a bit faster and generally just looking a bit better – these are all things we want from our ideal websites (what did you think we were talking about?), but always struggle to manage. Well what if SO Marketing told you that in 2016, you can have all of these things and more? Continue Reading →

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