Why You Shouldn’t Stop B2B Marketing this Christmas

December 3, 2015 / Marketing /
B2B Marketing this Christmas

To B2B, Or Not to B2B

It probably doesn’t take Don Draper to work out that B2B marketing spend hits an all time low throughout the festive period. With so many brands trying to bombard consumers, and business owners themselves being preoccupied with embarrassing Christmas party antics and hollow New Year’s resolutions, there’s no doubt that commercial priorities drastically shift from growth to preservation. Never one to follow the crowd of course, SO Marketing are here today to explain exactly why you should still be marketing this Christmas. Continue Reading →

Building Consumer Trust this Christmas

December 2, 2015 / Conversation, eCommerce, Web, Websites /
Consumer Trust

All I Want for Christmas is… Sales

It’s a common complaint voiced by many an ecommerce retailer that despite the seemingly optimal performance of their individual marketing channels, their website simply isn’t performing as expected. It’s unfortunately the case that even though you might be getting consumers to your site through a variety of marketing platforms including Google AdWords and social media advertising, getting them to actually hit the ‘Checkout’ button is a new challenge in itself. The question of the hour – or rather the festive period – is why consumers are so reluctant to convert through your site, and perhaps more importantly, how can you increase your ecommerce website’s performance? Continue Reading →

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