Web Trends for 2015 | SO Marketing

January 30, 2015 / eCommerce, News, Web, Websites /

2014 saw a variety of trends sweep the web, Kim Kardashian tried to #breaktheinternet, and Ellen DeGeneres ushered in the age of the ‘selfie’ with her globally renowned #oscars picture. Now, of course, everyone is wondering how to get ahead of the game this year, so lets take a look at the most popular web trends for 2015… Continue Reading →

Four Ways to Personalise Your Marketing Strategy

Personalise Your Marketing Strategy

The increase in small and large brands alike adopting social media as part of their digital marketing strategy has lead to personalisation fast becoming an integral part of online PR. Unfortunately there’s no quick and easy way to personalise your marketing strategy, it takes time, perseverance and handy blogs. Continue Reading →

Cigarette Companies Are Fighting A Losing Battle

January 22, 2015 / Design, News /

The government announced last night that it plans to make it the law that all individual brands of cigarettes must be sold in the same, uniform packaging. Continue Reading →

What’s the worst password?

January 22, 2015 / News /

2014 was a great year for internet security with massive improvements from many companies but also a lot of age old security issues causing the bulk of the remaining problems. One of the worst culprits was the classic “insecure password”. Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Speed Up Magento: Part 2

January 21, 2015 / eCommerce, Technical, Web, Web, Websites /
Speed up magento part 2

In our blog last week we gave a very brief run-down of the open source content management system, Magento, a popular web-platform for e-commerce sites. Within the article we also listed 5 ways to speed up Magento site, which were particularly good places to start if you weren’t overly familiar with the web-design process. Continue Reading →

Neuro Web Design… How it Works

January 19, 2015 / Design, eCommerce, Technical, Web, Websites /
Neuro Web Design

You may have heard the phrase “Neuro Web Design” and wondered exactly what it entails. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in that…it’s a pretty new concept but it’s also one which is proving to be highly effective. Continue Reading →

Recovering Abandoned Carts in Magento to Maximise Sales

January 16, 2015 / eCommerce, Websites /
Abandoned Carts in Magento

There are many reasons behind the ongoing problem of cart abandonment. Customers get distracted or perhaps they are simply window shopping and hadn’t much serious intention in the first place. Continue Reading →

Factors That Influence Conversion at the Shopping Cart Stage in Magento

If you can get the traffic to your site then you should be able to get the corresponding conversions right? Sadly this isn’t always the case…in fact so many half-completed experiences are racked up daily that it’s a good idea to take a long, hard look at the way you’ve arranged things for conversion at the shopping cart stage in Magento website so that you don’t become a victim of cart abandonment too often. Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Speed Up Magento: Part 1

January 14, 2015 / eCommerce, Technical, Tips, Web, Web, Websites /
Speed up magento part 1

Studies indicate that one third of the top 30 e-commerce websites utilise Magento code, so if you’re in the business of online retail, the chances are that you’ll use the system. Currently owned by eBay, Magento is an open source content management system that provides a platform for businesses to set up and easily customise their e-commerce site. Continue Reading →

A Solid Understanding of Negative Space

January 12, 2015 / Design /
Negative Space

What is it about some websites which just makes people want to leave them the moment they’ve arrived? In truth it is a combination of different factors but one of the most important of these is the issue of negative space. Continue Reading →

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