Why do we start many projects with the Logo Design?

October 31, 2014 / Design /
Logo Design

Brand and logo design are the personality and the face of your company, product or service; in a nutshell this is the reason why we always begin projects with these details front and centre. We don’t start with content for a number of very good reasons…content comes second as do images and photography. Communicating with clients about their needs and what they want out of their website is the first step in creating the very best logo and brand possible. Continue Reading →

Tax Relief for Creative Businesses

October 28, 2014 / News /

The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) and TIGA the trade body for games developers and games publishers have come together in the hope of encouraging the government to introduce an SME Training Tax Relief Scheme for the creative industries. Continue Reading →

Why Print can be the most Cost Effective Option for Business Marketing

October 27, 2014 / Print /

In an ideal world, businesses would be able to choose to try out all available marketing solutions for their advertising needs…however that takes more than a lot of money, it also takes an awful lot of time which let’s face it, is just as precious a commodity as hard cash is. Continue Reading →

Where the Future of Social Marketing is going

October 24, 2014 / Social Media /
Social Marketing

Knowing how many retweets or likes a post has received is a hugely important tool in any company’s social marketing kit. It’s how we spread the word, how we get more attention and of course make more sales. Marketing analytics are so powerful today that those in charge of a businesses social media are alerted every time someone likes or even mentions their brand. Is this enough though? Is knowing when your company or product has been mentioned enough to help secure more attention and more sales? Continue Reading →

The Tools We Use

October 20, 2014 / News, Web, Websites /
Marketing Tools

One of the quirks of being a marketing agency that also happens to produce a lot of web content is that we often get compared with “web design” agencies. Continue Reading →

Facebook: War on Spam

October 13, 2014 / Advertising, Social Media / 0 Comments /
Facebook Spam

Spam, in its many and varied forms, has been the bane of web users ever since people realised that the internet could be used as a highly-lucrative commercial tool. Anybody who has worked in online marketing knows that the search engine giants (mainly Google, to be fair) have been ‘fighting Continue Reading →

Supporting Stoke F.I.T.

October 7, 2014 / News / 0 Comments /
Stoke FIT

For anyone that doesn’t already know, SO Marketing has been proud to support Stoke F.I.T. for over 2 years now, and are so pleased to see a community organisation go from strength to strength. In just 2 years, this amazing group of local runners has grown to over 200 members, turning up every week to get fit and run together as a team. Entering some great running competitions too, this group has surpassed all expectations to become one of the fastest growing communities in the UK. For anyone looking to join, visit www.stokefit.co.uk

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