Do You Have Enough Content for a News Page on Your Website?

December 27, 2013 / Copywriting, Tips / 0 Comments /

A news page can be a great way to catch the interest of visitors to your site as well as a way to bring them in from popular search terms on Google. The question is can you come up with enough news that is related to your business and which will be of interest to your clients? Continue Reading →

Are You Missing Out On Web Traffic?

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Are You Missing Out On Web Traffic?

Not Using Social Media to Link Back to Your Website…

In the middle of the last century there was a revolution in advertising; that of television. Television forced advertising executives to rethink their old strategies and come up with new ones. Businesses were forced to come up with new strategies, to take on new ideas and think in a way which was totally different to any they’d encountered before. Today we’ve seen much the same changes happen in marketing thanks to the massive growth in social media.

Social media is the be-all and end-all of advertising; it’s “it” in terms of getting your website out there and many people are missing a trick in not using it to direct people to their pages. Continue Reading →

Transferring your Website to another Hosting Provider…Easy as 123

The need or desire to change hosting providers is something which crops up for a huge variety of reasons for most business owners at some point. It’s often quite a daunting prospect and people worry that information will be lost or that they might not be able to take all of their users with them for instance. Change is a challenge for most people and when business is going well it can be really unsettling to alter something as important as your hosting provider; there’s no doubt that it can be a stressful time but to make things a little simpler, here is a step by step guide to transferring your website to another hosting provider. Continue Reading →

SO Marketing Christmas Opening

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SO Marketing will be closing for Christmas 2013 on Friday 20th of December 2013, and returning on Thursday 2nd January 2014. We wish all of our customers, suppliers and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Why is your Website Content Text Important

Why is your Website Content Text Important

The internet is a fascinating and sometimes confusing place…not only for business owners but also for those who use it in a quest for knowledge, information, products and services. Because there are so many websites out there, it’s a tricky business for people to get what they want and quickly, which is what the internet is all about…speed. Continue Reading →

Why We Need to Check your Own Artwork before Printing – DIY Artwork

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Why We Need to Check your Own Artwork before Printing – DIY Artwork

If you are fortunate enough to have the talent to provide your own artwork for promotional purposes or indeed for any other print based requirements, then you possibly know a little about the needs of the printers in terms of format and file size. If you don’t have this prior knowledge then you might be wondering just why it is that we need time to check over the artwork which you’re providing; the fact is that it’s a pretty technical task and things need to be correct right from the very beginning of the process so that the finished result is as good as your original work in terms of colour, resolution and clarity. Continue Reading →

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