Why It Is Important To Have EPS/Vector Logos of Your Brand

November 27, 2013 / News, Startup Advice, Tips / 0 Comments /

Most business owners realise how important logos are to their image; your logo is the representation of your corporate identity and the face of your brand. Without a well designed logo which captures what your company is about and what it does, you could find your business looks less than professional. A well known company is instantly recognisable by their logo and in some cases the logo becomes an asset in itself… Continue Reading →

Web Hosting; what’s it about and what’s Included?

November 25, 2013 / News, Tips, Websites / 0 Comments /
Web Hosting; what’s it about and what’s Included?

A web hosting service is the service which allows you to get a website up and running and they work quite simply by allowing your site files to be stored within high-powered computers which are already connected to a network… Continue Reading →

Do you Need Prospect Data?

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Ask Today About What Data We Can Find For You to Target!

Do you need prospect data? We can help you to find the right targets quickly and efficiently as and when you need them; saving you time and making you money in the process. Finding the right prospect data for your company can maximise your sales and minimize your marketing outlay. Continue Reading →

Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

Most people in business today understand how powerful blogging can be; it’s the new journalism with the power having been placed square in the hands of the people; this of course means that whilst people now have a voice to talk about everything from the mundane to the controversial, they also have the power to spread the word about their business…be they pushing a product or a service. Continue Reading →

E-Commerce for Startup Businesses

November 18, 2013 / eCommerce, Startup Advice / 0 Comments /

As far as small businesses go, E-Commerce is attracting a lot of attention from those keen to enter the world of business with a small initial outlay. The costs of startups in E-Commerce are certainly low at first glance but there are other, hidden costs which may bump up your investment and without which, your business could flounder. Continue Reading →

Is Print Dead? How Flyer Campaigns Can Give You a Great Return

November 15, 2013 / Design, News, Startup Advice, Tips / 0 Comments /

The massive boom in internet marketing has seen a proportion of businesses reject the more traditional tools of advertising such as flyers, business cards and posters. However this could be seen as a huge mistake, not least because of the evidence which suggests that flyer campaigns are still a valid form of advertisement. Continue Reading →

Olympic Pictrograms for Rio 2016 Released…What do you think?

November 13, 2013 / Design, News / 0 Comments /
Olympic Pictrograms for Rio 2016 Released…What do you think?

Ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, the country has released a creative and innovative set of sport pictograms in readiness for the event. The pictograms are individual representations of all Olympic and Paralympic sports and will serve as visual signposts for a variety of purposes. Continue Reading →

Magento eCommerce and SEO

November 11, 2013 / eCommerce, News / 0 Comments /

Since its launch in 2008, the Magento eCommerce website platform has gone from strength to strength as users quickly realised that it seemed to have just about everything they were looking for. People were naturally impressed by the fact that everything they wanted was there under the one roof…checkout, catalogue management, mobile commerce and analytics were all well catered for and for less established users there’s even a free version. Continue Reading →

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