Updating an existing website

February 26, 2013 / News / 0 Comments /

Updating a clients existing website with a new and improved one is a major part of our job and we were lucky enough to be given the chance to work with Hall Engineering on an update to their website. Continue Reading →

New Website Launched!

February 22, 2013 / News / 0 Comments /

One of the largest e-commerce projects we’ve worked on for a while, Oxhouse Country Stores (www.oxhouse.co.uk) is a countrywear, equestrian and agricultural supplies retailer in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Established by one of our existing customers, they turned to us to produce a magento driven e-commerce store that was scalable for the future. Continue Reading →

Ancestral Canine Launched!

February 15, 2013 / News / 0 Comments /

Just to show the huge variety of clients that we work for, Ancestral Canine certainly shows that! A new venture set up by one of our oldest clients, Ancestral Canine is a new brand of premium dog food for the diet conscious dog. Continue Reading →

Putting a smile onto clients’ faces

February 8, 2013 / New Launches, News, Websites / 0 Comments /

By referral from an existing customer, we have been working with Poundswick Lane Dental Practice to give them an up to date, modern website that they can self-edit using a bespoke wordpress design.

Incorporating some great features like a twitter feed and an online feedback system, Poundswick Lane now have a website to make their business stand out from the crowd.

See the site at www.poundswickdentalpractice.co.uk

Our Little Twizy Was Born!

February 5, 2013 / News, Twizy / 0 Comments /
Our Little Twizy Was Born!

Once upon a time, in the fair land of Staffordshire, an idea came out of the exciting marketing team that is SO Marketing. “How do we go green and also give something back to the community that we live and work in?” – and the idea floated off into the wide world and came back as “Twizy”, the first all electric, free marketing advice machine ever created! Continue Reading →

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