Facebook marketing – a few tips and tricks

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As we regularly follow various blogs, podcasts and news feeds across the net, we occasionally like to share useful information where we think that our clients will benefit from the knowledge. Today’s topic is Facebook marketing and a few tips we’ve picked up that we think would be useful for you to know.

Facebook Pages

The Facebook page is perhaps the most visibly obvious medium on facebook in which to advertise your business. It is set up through the ads and pages section and offers a limited amount of customisation options including the main side graphic. Check out the SO Marketing facebook page to see an example of how we brand the side panel of these sites. We actually offer a facebook page setup service from just £75, call us for more details.

The interesting thing about pages is that the main point for most people is to gather “likes” on the page. It is the easiest way to measure how active your business is on facebook and a slow steady rise in people liking your page is ideal. However, once people have liked your page, 9 times out of 10 they actually don’t ever go back to your page, so what is the point ultimately? The key here is that the “like” is a window for your business in which to push your page content through to your followers’ news feeds. As you write new content, whether it be a case study, an offer, an article about one of the things your business does, it then gets pushed onto the walls of your followers.

What you almost certainly won’t know about this is that not all followers are equal. Followers who simply like your page are assigned one value in the great big calculation which is facebook news feed. But followers who have previously engaged with your page in some way, for example they have commented on one of your posts, are given a higher number. This number dictates how often your content is shown on their walls in the mix of other content they subscribe to. Your followers who have higher allegiance to your page, by having interacted with it in more ways previously, will see your content more often. This is the killer reason for generating useful, unique, high quality and informative content for your facebook page. It keeps your business in the mind of your followers, thus increasing the effectiveness of the page itself.

Do Facebook pages remove the need for a website?

This is a bit of a strange question for us to pose as we are in the business of selling websites! However, I genuinely believe that there is a subset of businesses who would gain as much out of using a facebook page as their primary web marketing source, as businesses who have that, plus a website. It is often easier to promote just one thing for a resource stretched small business, I think sometimes a lot of young companies get over-faced with the areas of marketing that they have to cover, and with a limited budget they can’t always spare the time to be promoting their website, gathering facebook page likes and generating content for multiple sources.

Facebook pages for a lot of businesses can hold almost as much information as their main website, with some creativity, the customisation options of what tabs of information can be displayed, how photos show in the gallery, can really equal some budget websites for functionality and ease of use for the site owner. It even comes with built in analytics to give you some data on how well your facebook page is performing month on month!

Most businesses will still benefit from a nicely designed, functional website that can grow with their business but for some smaller companies, I do believe that the facebook page can certainly be worth a look as the primary source of marketing. Not to mention, once the page has enough likes to be able to claim a short URL, you can tell customers to “search facebook” for the business’s facebook name and it’ll come up! Thats pretty cool for a virtually free tool!

What is Google Plus all about

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